Tests and Certifications


  1. All of our pressure gauges are manufactured to be in accordance with ASME B40.1-2005.
  2. Each gauge is individually tested and calibrated during the assembly process.
  3. Although each gauge is individually tested, they are not individually traceable to NIST Standards and therefore not certified as a standard of production.
  4. If certification of accuracy is required, independent testing against a known and traceable standard (i.e. a certified dead weight tester) will be required. This typically carries additional fees and charges. Please contact one of our account representatives for more information
  5. If a certificate of conformance is required, we can supply this at no or minimal expense. Please contact an account representative for more information.

Although manufacture and tested to be accurate and in calibration, rough handling during shipment may cause pressure gauges to be “knocked out” of calibration. This can occur even though good packaging practice was used.

The American National Standard on pressure gauges (ASME B40.1) recognizes this by including the following statement:

Caution to users: pressure gauges can be rendered inaccurate during shipment despite care taken in packaging. To insure conformance to the standard grade to which the pressure gauge was manufactured, it should be checked before use.

Gauges received “off zero” because of shipping damage can usually be brought back into calibration by a simple pointer adjustment.

Please make sure your customers are aware of this information.


*NOTE: Grade 4A gauges must remain within specified tolerance before and after being lightly tapped.