Diaphragm Seal Fill Fluid Specifications

We offer a wide variety of fill fluids appropriate for numerous applications. When selecting fill fluids, consideration must be given to the following:

  1. Below specifications are for fill fluid only. Maximum temperature ratings of instruments must be taken into consideration in conjunction with selection of fill fluid.
  2. Physical properties of the fill fluid at the ambient and process temperature extremes of the application.
  3. Chemical compatibility with the process fluid to avoid potentially hazardous reactions in the event of a bourdon tube or diaphragm failure.
  4. For food processing applications, the fill fluid selected must be nontoxic.
  5. For strong oxidizers, like oxygen, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide or nitric acid, use inert fill fluids, including Fluorolube FS-5 and Halocarbon. DO NOT USE hydrocarbon based fluids, such as glycerine and silicone, as doing so may result in an explosive chemical reaction.

*Selection of fill fluid should only be made by customer taking into account all relevant details.


NOTE 1: Not to be used in contact with aluminum or magnesium.